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This website is dedicated PBEM (Play By EMail) Role Playing games. You can learn more about PBEM role playing games as well as look for PBEM games to join!

What is a PBEM (Play By Email) game?

Unlike traditional pen-and-paper roleplaying games, PBEM games are more in the style of chain stories or round-robin campfire tales.

Like traditional role playing games, players control a character involved in the story. Players then write a short story segment (called a post) describing their character's actions in relation to the story. Combined with the story segments from other players of the game, you form the the game's storyline.

Learn about PBEM games

If you are new to PBEM games a good start is to read the article "Play By Email (PBEM) in a larger perspective". It talks about different types of email role playing games. Then you can continue with the article "The anatomy of a post". It provides you with more information about how to write posts.

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Article Categories

These are articles written to help you with your PBEM role playing game. They will inspire you and teach you things that can help you write better posts, or run a better game of your own. If you have something you would like to contribute to the site, please add your own article!

Getting Ideas
Manage your time, find ideas and use them.

Running your own PBEM game
Learn how to run your own game.

Both how and what you write in your posts for your PBEM game is important, we show you how to do it!

Other articles
Other articles related to PBEM games or the gaming industry and community.

Character Development
Giving your character life is complex, these articles will help you.

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