Give your game the time it is worth

How much time do you spend in front of the TV? Do you find yourself just sitting there flipping through the channels without anything good to watch? Then you may want to rethink how you spend your time.I am sure you agree with me when I say writing a post is a lot more fun than letting your mind go numb in front of the TV.

Time is not something that there is an infinite amount of. Remember, there are only 86.400 seconds a day. Reading this, you just lost maybe 60 of them already! We are down to 86.340… and counting…Do you really want to spend all his time watching the commercials on TV? Didn’t think so!

If you, instead of flipping through those channels with nothing good on them anyway, boot up your computer, bring out your pen and paper or do whatever you do when you are going to write a post and start writing. I am sure you will find you have used your time in a much more productive way than passively watching TV. Because you do enjoy contributing to your PBEM game, right?

It may sound a bit too harsh, but sometimes you actually have a lot more time than you know.
Try to identify other activities that really do not do you any good. If you can cut those out of your life, you will find it easier to do the things you truly enjoy but have a hard time finding the time for – not just writing for your game.