Let the ideas come to you

Do you, like me, sometimes have problems coming up with great ideas for posts? Often this happens when you just have read the latest post and you have opened your email client to start writing your follow up post. The white background staring back at you, the cursor blinking in the left corner – probably just to annoy you even more!
Once in a while, you manage to squeeze out a post anyway. Needless to say, it probably does not turn out to be your best work. So do not try too hard. Instead, give it a rest and go do something else. It will probably make you feel better and perhaps even you can get inspiration while you are away from the computer. If you can’t write it, don’t!

Let the ideas come to you! Always keep a pen and a pad with you; you never know when you will get that great idea. The mind solves your problems even when you are not actively thinking about them!

If you go for a walk, do the dishes or read a book; the chances are you will get an idea. Be sure to write it down immediately so you do no forget it or distort it too much. Maybe you do not have to write the entire post word for word, but at least write down some basic keywords and out-line your idea.

What I usually do next is to finish up with what you were doing. Not only will it give you satisfaction of getting something done around the house for example, but it will also give you a chance to continue to think about your post.

Perhaps there are things that can be improved in the idea? Take your time. Outline the post in your head so that once you sit down at the keyboard, the post is more or less already written.