Save your spare ideas for later posts

There are times when you get a lot of great ideas for your character; only they don’t fit into the story right now. What do you do with them? Do you throw them away? Well, don’t do that!

When you are sitting around brainstorming ideas for your next post, you may come up with ideas or a least some pointers on things you can have your character do. Just because the ideas does no fit into the storyline of your PBEM (Play By Email) game just now doesn’t mean you can not use the ideas.

Even though you can not use an idea in the post you are working on right now, it may come to good use later. Keep notes of good ideas and events that you can write about in other situations.

A simple text file is sufficient. Write just some brief comments about the idea. If you see a scene in your mind, write it down! The more you put down on paper he easier will it be for you to use it later.

Don’t be afraid of writing down things and actions that does not suit your character, you might find it useful when writing for NPCs or for the general storyline.

Once you have built up a good database with ideas you will see how useful it can be when you are sitting there trying to come up with ideas for a post. Just open up your text file or whatever you use to store the ideas and see if you can find an idea to use or to get inspiration from. Even though you may no be able to use an idea exactly how you thought you would use it, it can serve as a foundation to help you get started on a post.