Sunday, June 24 2018

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Our Planet Among the Stars

Space, the final frontier. The last place for the Human race to seek out new life and new mysteries. To pose the questions of why, how. What is left on our glorious, lushes, blue and green world to explore? A simple answer, yet best left as a question instead. Best left for that adorable and charming thing we call imagination and wonder to be free to contemplate and dream up on its own. How much do we truly know about this thing we call home, this thing that we claim our own? What dark mysteries still lurk beneath the surface of that salty, big blue? What have we yet to learn about the home to Moby Dick, this supposide life force that sways and bends to the will of our moon?

Over 71 percent of this dashingly good looking planet is covered in water, between salt and fresh. What a curious thing, to have not one, but two different kinds of water with two different kinds of life. There is never a shortage on the miracle that is life. The oceans are tantalizingly deep, and to think about it gives you the sense of adrenaline like just before riding a rollercoaster. The deeper you go, the more the light is absorbed and consumed almost by an unknown entity. But life has found a miraculous way to survive. As we know, so much of our world needs light to live and grow. So how, pray tell, does life find a way in such utter darkness, instead of doom and gloom?

Allow me to shed a hint of light on the subject. They bring their own, eerily charming glow to the party. An example of this, are the Dragonfish, which is a small bioluminescent deep-sea fish with a long protrusion attached to its chin tipped with a light-producing organ called a photophore. It also has these organs along its spin and eyes. What a spooky sight indeed!

For those who continue to look high above the stratosphere or those who peer where the thought of life isn’t possible. Keep looking, keeping asking those questions. Never let you light fade and always find a way to shine.  Look to the stars, look all round you, and keep asking those question, for one day we will have an answer...