Sunday, June 24 2018

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A Star Trek Loss - Barry Jenner

Sadly,  yet another member of the Star Trek Community  with Barry Jenner’s passing. Barry Jenner was known in the Star Trek Community for his role Vice Admiral Ross in Deep Space Nine. He passed at the ripe old age of seventy-five on August ninth, twenty sixteen.


Barry Jenner will be missed dearly by his friends,  family, and by all the fans who loved him. His role in Star Trek will not be forgotten anytime soon and will continue to inspire generations for as long as Deep Space Nine remains in the hearts of the people who remember it.


Barry’s acting career started around the nineteen-eighties and spanned until two thousand and one, he has been in multiple films and tv shows but is best remembered for his role in Star Trek history. He is succeeded by his second wife, Suzanne Hunt.


Barry was more than a man who moved to LA seeking fame, in fact, when he moved to LA in nineteen eighty he joined the LAPD and served as a reserve officer for twenty-one years.  In addition to being both an actor and a cop, he was a human being with a depth of character, an ex-wife, a wife, and children. That made him a family man and as a beloved husband and father made him more relatable on screen and to the masses. He will be missed by all.