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Inn at the Last Bridge

Inn at the Last Bridge

Date: Sunday, December 31, 2017 to Wednesday, January 31, 2018


It is Summer and the sun has left the sky. A cool gentle breeze drifts out of the north, rustling the leaves on the scattered trees.You are traveling the Great East Road. You know of an Inn ahead that has cold ale and a safe place to lay your head. Your pack is heavy and your back is beginning to feel the weight of your long days journey. The moon is starting to appear low in the evening sky. You stop, adjust your pack. It is such a beautiful night. You step forward again and in a few minutes you hear the gurgling sound of the river ahead of you. Lights in the distance assure you that you days adventures are coming to an end. You smile to yourself. Lets hope you are correct with that assumption, you laugh to yourself. As you approach you notice a small little man standing beneath a tree putting something in his vest. A pack slung over his shoulder and a dark cloak in his other hand.He watches you as you approach the door of the Inn. He nods a greeting to you move to the door. You reach for the handle wondering what the night has in store for you. Maybe the road was a safer place tonight.


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