Monday, October 23 2017

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Antiel: The Gift | A written fantasy animal adventure

Antiel: The Gift
Antiel is a brand new, written RPG game set in a fantasy world and hosted on IcyBoards, which is populated by various realistic and mythical animals, and uses a semi-traditional fantasy class system, in addition to species regulations. Its scenery varies from majestic mountains overlooking serene valleys to twisted forests full of malevolence framed by smoldering volcanic ranges, and just about anything has been known to happen here.Ruled over by five Gods, the realms of this magical continent have been overwhelmed by a powerful, dark magic, which you and the other players will help fight back! Design and unlock twenty unique spells or abilities for your character, earn divine praise, collect up to five pets, and more, all while participating in a grand adventure with other talented and creative writers.The in-game action in Antiel is limited only to your imagination; participate in reclaiming the wilds of Antiel from the dark forces that have stolen over it, or sow the seeds of society in the free realms of the west. Craft armor, jewelry, spell books, or brew up potions using our in-depth skill system, or get to know the other characters populating our wild world.Join us today and begin your character's historical role as one of the heroes who saved Antiel: The Gift. For a limited time, new players will receive bonus items for joining during our Beta period!

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Thursday, September 28, 2017 - 20:10

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