Tuesday, May 30 2017

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   Just when you think you have life figured out and are settled into a comfortable routine, something happens that throws it all into question.

  What if everything Harry Potter and his friends knew suddenly began to unravel? What if the world they built from the ruins proved to have shakyfoundations? What if history began to repeat itself, contrary to all expectations? What if they had the chance to do some things differently? Canthe wrongs of the past be made right? Or is it best to not tickle a sleeping dragon? In the wizard world of 2020 almost anything seems possible.    Mare_Cognitum  will be filled with surprising twists and  turns as Harry Potter and friends face evil once again and learn that  many long-heldassumptions have evaporated while long accepted truths  are proved false. It's not always easy to separate friend from foe. The game has juststarted, so now is a great time to join in! There  is plenty of room for OCs and most canons are available, too.


   Still looking for writers and/or a partner to help run the game.

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Submitted on
Wednesday, May 17, 2017 - 01:49

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Game website https://groups.io/g/Mare_Cognitum/

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