Tuesday, November 21 2017

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Added to the Strategy category 1 day 16 hours ago by Penta

The 3 AM phone calls could be for you. Think you could handle it?

Prove it. Play World Alliances and Rivalries, a freeform RPG where characters play the head of state or head of government of a country on the world map today. See our full ad for more details, or check out our website at http://worldalliancesrivalries.bravesites.com/ for a link to our In Character list, to see what's happened so far.

Added to the SciFi category 1 week 2 days ago by zed

Vagrant Story is an independent Sci-Fi RPG and collaborative writing group. VS will take place in the future and in space (obviously) but it will run unlike any other game out there. While Vagrant Story has inspiration that comes from Firefly, Farscape, Dr. Who, Cowboy Bebop and Rick and Morty; it works more to capture their spirit than the directly portray them.

Added to the SciFi category 1 week 2 days ago by zed

War…War Never Changes…

How many years has it been since the bombs fell and the world was wiped away and replaced with wasteland?  Some say dozens, others say hundreds, but as the world burned away as did so much of what we knew, so much of the time we recorded and kept track of.

Added to the Strategy category 1 week 5 days ago by jagular

1914-Alternative  is a free game built on a fictional world in which the players manage a nation including its diplomacy, economics, military and research. Trade, economics, research and diplomacy are keys to manage to allow you to build a military to defend yourself and to grow. The game is an alternate type Earth to allow for alliances and developments as a player wishes rather then foster historical alliances on a player from a real world history.

Added to the Star Trek category 2 weeks 6 days ago by spiralarm1

As an officer of Starfleet in a brave new age for the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, YOU take your place in the Star Trek universe, ready to make an impact! Guide your character from Ensign to the big chair in our play by email RPG in an environment where we want you to be able to focus on playing your character and having fun! You might find yourself at the cutting edge of a brand new Federation/Romulan treaty, discovering worlds not yet visited by the Federation, crossing swords with the Breen... the possibilities are limitless!