Saturday, April 29 2017

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As the Red Star rises for the 11th Pass in history, it rains down the ancient enemy, Thread. Through fire, fall, and death, the riders of the 11th Pass rise to meet their foe. They are the Rising Stars of Pern.

Rising Stars is a new, semi-traditional canon club set in the 20th Turn of the 11th Pass.  We're bursting with fresh ideas and we can't wait to share them with you. We're laid-back and friendly with an open mind to our members and their ideas. Everyone is a hero at Rising Stars of Pern.


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The SS Mary Rose (NCC-956) is a 150-year-old Refit Constitution. Long ago cast away by the federation, the ailing vessel is now home to an itinerant band, whose motivations are questionable and approach is quite a fly-by-night. As a privateer ship sailing on the fringes of civilised space, they get by renting hull, holds and hands to any who can pay, trade or barter. Focusing on creating a great community of writers, who have fun while building intriguing and enjoyable stories is our main goal.

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Email your character and ideas to the following email.  Sorry, no website yet.

From the case files of the Anyburg Amateur Detective Society

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Set in 2018

The Ori have been defeated! 

"Our newest battlecruiser was sent to the Othala Galaxy to see what was left of the Asgard. They found a starbase and when they tried to make contact, they received and automated message stating that they built the base for us. And that they sent the gate address."

The USS Asgard has not been heard from since.

Colonel Mike Webb is leading a team through the Stargate on Earth to this new Starbase to find out if anything is left of the Asgard civilization and to find out what happened to the USS Asgard.

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The game is turn based, i.e. the game server makes a turn, sends you a report, you analyze the report using an existing Report Viewer application, create your orders and send them back to the server. It reminds a chess game, but you play against many other players at the same time. The game server simulates an expanding universe with already thousands of star systems and a number of races. Some of the races are ruled by the real human players, some - by the server (AI nations). You may join as a new race (or nation).