Wednesday, January 17 2018

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Added to the SciFi category 1 day 20 hours ago by katefan

Science City, where drones duel with pteranodons for mastery of airspace. Science City, where a drunken Aztec god barters for council concessions from high elf and alderman alike. Science City, where the First Precinct aircars patrol the flawless skies above and the Paranormal Precinct roots out supernatural evil in the shadows below. Science City, a metropolis in need of a unique group of heroes. Could you be one? Taking place in the near future, constructed upon the ruins of Detroit, Science City is the weirdest, most advanced metropolis on Earth.

Added to the Star Trek category 5 days 23 hours ago by Abi

Normally a scientific and exploration vessel the Luna Class sports the most advanced and powerful sensor suite available within Starfleet. They can be found exploring the fringes of Federation Territory, carrying out diplomatic missions, studying new life, and making scientific discoveries.

Added to the SciFi category 1 week 5 days ago by Merlar

Greetings salutations,

   This is colonel Sasha Reynolds I run the ship Nightwolf, a bigger size than Serenity. I'm looking for players who will join our ragged team of Trouble makers,Pirates,ex alliance  wanting to get in the big game. As each job we do ,there is a price and we get paid. My first mate is Kaylia Strenvale whos unusual way, but she's good at what she does..we have other members of the Nightwolf crew as well.

Added to the SciFi category 1 week 5 days ago by Merlar

Hello This is Commodor Me'lonna Deb'ora  and im serving aboard the Starbase 283(Triconda) I'm the commanding officer here,with connections to USS-Thunderchild.that will be the support ship for all kinds of starfleet Missions(Example - ST:DS9 has USS-Defiant.). So right now im looking for PBEM players to fill positions on the Starbase 283 site.Thunderchild is now part of Starbase 283. So when you sign up for a position,that position will also be used on the Thunderchild.

Added to the Fantasy category 2 weeks 2 days ago by Hybernian001

You find yourself on the Great East Road. It is late in the day and you are tired and hungry. The summer sun is sinking in the sky. You travel on for a while and you see a faint light in the distance.It is almost dark and you are relieved to not spend the night on the road. As you get closer you hear the distinct sound of gurgling water. A large Inn rises up before you as you approach.  Light dances from some of its many Windows. A great wooden planned bridge with sturdy posts and railsappears before you as you move closer to the banks of the river.