Wednesday, December 13 2017

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Nightwolf looking for people

the Address is:  

I'm looking for simmers/Rpgers for a firefly game called Nightwolf, looking to go for an adventure, of stealing ,and sending packages to other planets to other people. I'm  Colonel Sasha Reynolds and im looking for a rag time team for my sim, opening stations will be on the website..

 we hang out in Discord,, you can download discord,or or add it to your browswer. My 2nd in command is civi  Kaylia Strenvale.

 we run a rag time fleet of people on the run from the Alliance, but we do run into other problems, be sides the Alliance. We run into sleazey characters,

and we can run into Reavers,so we have to be careful out there, as much as we can...

It was 2518, Its been a while after the war. Serenity, a Firefly class ship and her crew some how managed to save our entire galaxy. Liberating us from the Alliance by a single message being sent to prove the lies we've all been living under. Who knows what that crew, no, those Heroes are doing now. However, there is a new, well...old, because she's a rust bucket, crew taking on runs, fighting the remnats of the Alliance and the Reavers. 

The Nightwolf was born, with the efforts of one former bowncoat Colonel Sasha Reynolds. Sasha looked for a group of people, the best at what they do to help with this. Because yes, now it is for the rebellion, there is still profit to be made. With a rag tag team, aboard the Nightwolf, they set off their adventures, meeting shady characters, to get the work, and get paid, while soaring through space...and even possibly....into the  void


 For questions e-mail Colonel Sasha Reynolds at, the commanding officer

  Second officer  Civi kaylia Strenvale at:

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Submitted on
Tuesday, December 5, 2017 - 03:30

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