Sunday, June 24 2018

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Added to the Star Trek category 3 weeks 3 hours ago by Kirok

Star Trek Fans,

Shadow Fleet was established in January of 2007 to bring Star Trek fans together in community discussion as well as canon based, high quality role-playing. Today, we're a growing internet presence and one of the few RPGs that can offer a friendly, welcoming environment and a place for players to indulge their literary talents with the potential of in-character and out-of-character awards!

Added to the Star Trek category 3 weeks 1 day ago by Kersare

USS Malinche - Klingons, Romulans, and Hauntings...and pie*!

Starfleet uniform: 300 credits. Type 1 phaser: 1000 credits. Standard issue tricorder: 800 credits. A berth aboard the USS Malinche... priceless.
The tools are useless without a place to use them.

In the past 13 years, the Malinche's brave, eccentric, and sometimes downright crazy crew have gone on many adventures. From Klingons to Romulans, from encountering new races to being pied in the face - this crew knows excitement! 

Added to the Fantasy category 3 weeks 1 day ago by slytherinwitch

  Once  upon a time a very special collaborative writing group flourished.

Added to the Star Trek category 4 weeks 13 hours ago by goldun

The SS Mary Rose (NCC-956) is a 150-year-old Refit Constitution. Long ago cast away by the Federation, the ailing vessel is now home to an itinerant band, whose motivations are questionable and approach is quite a fly-by-night. As a privateer ship sailing on the fringes of civilised space, they get by renting hull, holds and hands to any who can pay, trade or barter. Focusing on creating a great community of writers, who have fun while building intriguing and enjoyable stories is our main goal.