Wednesday, January 17 2018

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Starbase 283 - USS-Thunderchild

Hello This is Commodor Me'lonna Deb'ora  and im serving aboard the Starbase 283(Triconda) I'm the commanding officer here,with connections to USS-Thunderchild.that will be the support ship for all kinds of starfleet Missions(Example - ST:DS9 has USS-Defiant.). So right now im looking for PBEM players to fill positions on the Starbase 283 site.Thunderchild is now part of Starbase 283. So when you sign up for a position,that position will also be used on the Thunderchild.

 Starbase 283 Starbase 283 Welcome to starbase 283, were a starfleet starbase that servers Starfleet,and other beings a like (Example: Klingons,Vulcans, Bajorans, Caitains,Humans, and etc.....) we also have a starship that serves for missions, not a Taxi service. Unless its a Diplomatic Mission... Its The USS-Thunderchild.The ship was seperate for a while..Then it was decided by Starfleet that The Thunderchild be used for missions,so it will always be docked on Starbase 283(Triconda)... We need a full crew of people to help run the Starbase 283,so come aboard and apply   the website is:      h


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Thursday, January 4, 2018 - 18:31

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