Wednesday, December 13 2017

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Hello my name is Commodore Me'Lonna Deb'ora, and i run  the ship  USS-Thunderchild , im part of a fleet of ships,and starbases in Starfleetuk,

 we run the sim through Nova, a e-mail sim program. we need alot of people to join our e-mail sim, alot of slots open ,we also hang in the chat program

 Called Discord, you may download discord,or put Discord on your browser,either way works. Discord is We are a starfleet ship, so any star trek character is allowed,were in the current time zone,between ST:TNG, ST:DS9.. you will find me on discord.

 Any questions, e-mail me at : Commodore Me'Lonna Deb'ora, hope to hear from any of you soon...

Welcome to USS-Thunderchild. this is your Captain, Commador Me'Lonna Deb'ora , Here at the USS-Thunderchild we run a tight shift of postions. and were always running into trouble, like romulans, Borg, and etc.... This federation ship has a tight treaty with the Klingons and other species, except romulans,and The Borg. But we don't mind meeting other species that aren't part of the Starfleet Treaty,and make new Allies, and learn alot about them and their culture..

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Tuesday, December 5, 2017 - 03:42

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