Saturday, June 24 2017

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Eden Fleet: Take Your Place in Starfleet

As an officer of Starfleet in a brave new age for the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, YOU take your place in the Star Trek universe, ready to make an impact! Guide your character from Ensign to the big chair in our play by email RPG in an environment where we want you to be able to focus on playing your character and having fun! You might find yourself at the cutting edge of a brand new Federation/Romulan treaty, discovering worlds not yet visited by the Federation, crossing swords with the Breen... the possibilities are limitless!


Recently, in Eden Fleet...


The Romulans and the Federation. Bitter enmity. Centuries of Cold War. No hope for peace - until the Romulan homeworld was destroyed by the Hobus supernova leaving a broken power to make an attempt at rebuilding and regaining their formal imperial glory. 6 years on, and the Romulans have re-established themselves, but only as a shadow of what they once were. Their military does not have the resources to sustain itself. Civilians in remote areas are starving. The usual political turbulence threatens to tear the Star Empire apart. And when it comes down to it, turning to the Federation is their only hope.


Join us today for a chance to don a Starfleet uniform and make your mark! 


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Thursday, June 15, 2017 - 22:19

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Star Trek

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