Saturday, March 17 2018

PBEM Questions and answers

Is it a FAQ? Is it a forum?
Well, it's really something in between!

We understand that there might be a few things you are wondering about. In this section you can ask your fellow PBEM players questions and also voice other topics of discussion.

Perhaps you are stuck in a post and need help? Don't know where to take the story next? Need help with a great name for a character of NPC?

Your comments and replies are always much appreciated, help your fellow players!

PBEM Pathfinder

PBEM Pathfinder

Im currently playing an RL Pathfinder game, but due to its tweaks I would love to get some more exposure to Pathfinder. Im a keen character player rather than a power player  (which I realise can be a pain but also makes for some much better RP moments). I would far rather that my character went down fighting than won out with a bland character.

Let me know.