Sunday, June 24 2018

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im advertising 3 sims,i have lots of experience in play by e-mail,in the past, and i know about Nova.
im a sci-fi nut
i love doing pbems through Nova.

Current PBEM Characters and Games

Colonel Sasha Reynolds - Nightwolf(co), Commodore Me'Lonna Deb'ora(Klingon/human) - USS-Thunderchild(CO) Lieutenant colonel Te'shara R'heil(Caitian) Starbase 187(XO) Ens Deanna Stormer Tempest.

PBEM Experience

I been in tons of experience with PBem, through UCIP sims, ive been in the past ,and tempest is current, i have 3 sims that are pbem ,through NOVA.

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