Sunday, June 24 2018

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I am an active game player, live on the east coast of the USA, and am easily excited by good story ideas
Most Scifi

Current PBEM Characters and Games

Commander Mercia Kavi, XO, USS Gladiator Mikaia Aleydis, Reporter, USS Asgard Lt. Kenzie Skye, Counselor, Deepspace7 Lt Commander Tzan ch'Dane, CMO, USS Harbinger

PBEM Experience

I have been playing since the days of geocities and yahoogroups. I began simming when I was 14, and now I am old enough its rude to ask! In that time I have joined fleets and ships of all kinds. I have built fleets, and ships and made many friends. Now I desire only to sit back and have some fun writing stories.

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